What is DeliveryOps?

It's almost a year that I'm leading the Global Services team in Rossum. Oh boy, was it a B2B equivalent of an ostrich race (yes it's a thing).

In 10 months, we (Rossum's Global Services)…

📈 Scaled up the team from 4 people to 20.

👥 Redesigned the team from 1 role in distress (Solution Engineer — the doer of all things) into a more scalable multi-org setup consisting of 5 functional sub-teams.

💻 Implemented (and integrated) 3 major systems — JIRA, Zendesk and Salesforce into a mature delivery coordination platform.

💰 Delivered Rossum to an ever growing number of "deal of century" customers brought under the reign of the very Unicorn Breeder — Isaac Buahnik (the mf sales assassin), who had successfully declared a delivery war upon the unsuspecting end of the funnel.

And much more..

However, this post isn't about how awesome we are. It's about DeliveryOps which I hope you can help me with.

Let me walk you through it…

The Hero we need vs. the Hero we deserve (rise of my alter-ego)

I admit, these successes were not some glorious managerial hyper-operation on my part (after all, back in the day I joined this party only to paint a few buttons in respectable AI Blue as a frontend dev.. yes, Rossum is a bit of a scope creep for me), but more of a spectacular display of work ethic and inventiveness by the individual team members.

As an engineer, my default fix to all problems were technical in nature. Spending too much time on this task? Let me automate it. Not sure what to do? Let me adjust the workflow.

Not to say, it was all bad approach. Actually, I believe hyper-growth (exponential growth) is inevitably such a non-intuitive process for the human mind it does require technical solutions.

However, after a while it got quite obvious that the leader's first priority should be of flesh and blood. That's what the team deserved.

The period of rogue Werewolf Engineering

And thus my job got split into 2 parts. Day-shift where I mostly talked and wrote anything but code. Then a night-shift, where I shapeshifted into a rogue programmer coding scripts nobody requested, but everyone missed.

Wolff and Tom (Wolff's Revier)

What a joy really. Normally, this non-technical team would be drowning in an endless sea of automatable tasks, that nobody automates, just because nobody with coding capability sees them. But I did.

For a pleaser, coding for customers is great (especially the closer to them you are), but coding for your colleagues is orders of magnitudes better.

There was just 1 minor problem. I worked literally day and night, and that's not even remotely vegan.

Solution? DeliveryOps

During my evening routines I've come to understand that what I was doing was delivery enablement. See, Global Services team is a team whose responsibility is to make sure Rossum does good in the real world — delivering Rossum.

Rossum's early days illustration (no animals were hurt when copying this photo from Google)

As Rossum is not your classic username/password internet product, it requires some love being given to the implementation and optimisation. In order to streamline this, our infrastructure has to be highly automated and void of overhead.

For that objective — DeliveryOps Engineer is needed.

Thank you for listening to my story. Since you made it so far, consider checking DeliveryOps Engineer's job description :)

Perhaps the two of us could make a great team, just like Wolf and Tom.


Or check out other jobs at Rossum: https://rossum.ai/careers




Civilian writing about programming and strange ideas in a mildly stylized and semi-digestible way.

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Albert Nemec

Albert Nemec

Civilian writing about programming and strange ideas in a mildly stylized and semi-digestible way.

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