Giants, Tsunami and Consciousness Speed & Spacetime Interdependence in Terms of Structure

My mouse broke. While I could use the touchpad, I've decided I'll take the memo and just start writing. It has been a while, has it not?

Theory of Relativity + Tsunami + Lady having difficulties existing

Anyways, have you ever considered how slow the giants move? I mean the real big ones, for example 300 football fields (or 1200 pregnant whales) tall. I must admit, when a giant battles some kind of Godzilla it is impressive. With the music and all. Each step of the giant causes some way too eager volcano in Japan to join the conversation on how much greenhouse gases should there be in our atmosphere. How exciting.

But let's now consider the giant on a Tuesday, doing the mundane. Inspecting the fridge for example. It may take a good 10 seconds before the giant even touches the thing. By that time the fridge is open the giant may have changed his (or HERS! you pig) mind already.

Well, either the giant has significant advantage in overcoming it's lizard brain when it comes to midnight fridge raids, or alternatively the giant's consciousness operates on a different time scale.

Did you know that each mammal species on Earth have about the same average number of heart beats per life?

Imagine the mouse, going fast and furryous (<- legitimate comedy) incredible forwardson. Have you ever seen a well centered, calm and patient mouse? Of course not!

Now that I think of it, there may be an evolutionary reason why mouses are small. Having "faster" consciousness (let's imagine it like seeing everything in slow motion) may be incredibly useful, especially when chased by a snake or multiple snakes even.

Question then would be if small people perceive time differently than big people. Children certainly do. Boredom is an illness of the youth, isn't it? Surely reflexes of children are much better. You can call it "better brain", but I'll call it "brains not yet optimised to the best thought/time ratio". School is a great help in that regard.

The trippy thought that's available is that some creatures could have the "consciousness speed" so distant from ours that we wouldn't even recognise it as a consciousness. From that perspective the division between organic matter and inorganic matter could be just a matter of a different time scale in which the inner transformation happens.

Temperature is exactly weird like that. Hot things are things where particles move fast. Cold things is where particles move slow. Relative to each other I presume, because who's there to measure the speeds.

I know, I'm troubling you with the fluent disrespect to the distinction between matter and living matter. Well, you're troubling me with your respect to that distinction as well.

And now, the final blow of this ideorgy (Orgy of Ideas, hereby I do coin it).

Take a Tsunami speeding up towards Miami beach. It's tall, at least 5000 football fields or 20 000 pregnant Blue whales. What a view as the Tsunami clears the sand off all unnecessary accessories and humans. What a view. What a view.

Do you see it? Close your eyes if you don’t.

Now tell me, is the Tsunami in slow motion? You don't know, huh? You're saying that your watch still ticks the same old beat?

Alright, let me paint some more. You walk along an English riverside, the river is not important, just a decoration for the story. Now you see a puddle (not the dog!). Step above it, look at the puddle. If you need to, lay your face close to the edges of the puddle until you see a Miami beach (or at least a rough approximation of Miami beach).

Now kick the puddle (again not the dog, god damn it! (another level is that the dog is a god backwards (just by the way))). Do you see the Tsunami? It is pathetic. It is anti-slow motion and the whole thing is over before the brass section can deliver any goosebumps.

Compare the two Miami beach episodes. The first one is 100% slow motion.

To conclude, there seem to be direct proportion between scale and time. At least as far as information or structure is concerned.

At that my friends, is interesting.




Civilian writing about programming and strange ideas in a mildly stylized and semi-digestible way.

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Albert Nemec

Albert Nemec

Civilian writing about programming and strange ideas in a mildly stylized and semi-digestible way.

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